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My research work simulates the operation of classical, hybrid and electric vehicles in the Loop (Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, Processor-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop) using applications: IPG CARMAKER/TRUCKMAKER, AVL CRUISE M, AVL CRUISE, AVL BOOST, RICARDO WAVE, CANoe VECTOR.

I graduated Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Department of Applied Electronics from TU of Cluj-Napoca in 1994, I have 20 years of work and business experience in IT&C and in 2013 I got my PhD in Automotive Engineering.

My Special Issues

Here is the links to the special issues:

Virtual Engine Simulation

AVL CRUISE M is a multidisciplinary vehicle system simulation tool for mobility concept analysis, subsystem design and layout, and virtual component integration. (avl.com/cruise-m).

AVL BOOST is a fully integrated IC engine simulation software. It delivers advanced models enabling accurate prediction of engine performance, tailpipe emissions and acoustics. AVL BOOST is advanced and fully integrated year "Virtual Engine Simulation Tool" (avl.com/boost).

Virtual Vehicle Simulation

AVL CRUISE is vehicle and powertrain system level simulation tool. It supports every day tasks in vehicle system and driveline analysis throughout all development phases, from concept planning, through to launch and beyond (avl.com/cruise).

IPG CARMAKER introduces a paradigm shift towards an integrated development of concepts, models, control systems and components for the global vehicle dynamics simulation of passenger cars up to lightweight trucks and buses (ipg.de).

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Autonomous Driving

There is no good or bad approach. There is no right or wrong. There is only a forward approach. Forward might sometimes entail staying in the same spot or moving to the right or left of that spot; as long as motion exists, technology developers will have the catalyst they need.

New technology is not always accepted by society. Sometimes the ancestral human need for safety makes an individual reluctant to change, but there are times when curiosity pushes people out of their proverbial caves and into the unknown.(credit: bogdanvarga.expert)


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Muncii Bvd. 103-105, Office B305, CAD Laboratory B307

Phone: +40 743 600 321

E-mail: calin.iclodean@auto.utcluj.ro